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There’s something at the bottom of the garden…………………

called ‘The Weaves’.  We don’t know what it is.  A couple of weeks ago Helen was playing with me and my parents on the small hillock in the garden.  Out of the blue she announced that she was going to the weaves and headed off towards the gate in a purposeful fashion.  During the course of the afternoon she returned to ‘The Weaves’ several times.  We followed her in a companionable fashion and more covertly but we were unsuccessful in ascertaining exactly what ‘The Weaves’ were.  Unfortunately on her final trip of the day to ‘The Weaves’ she fell and banged her head on the gate thus distracting our attention from this new phenomena.

I pretty much forgot about ‘The Weaves’ after that.  It rained a lot and I didn’t have much cause to spend a lot of time in that part of the garden.  Helen didn’t mention them again and whilst my Dad looked out for them we didn’t see any evidence.  Then, out of the blue, one day in Granny Mainland’s kitchen Helen informed me that ‘The Weaves’ were in her hands!  As you can imagine I was pretty excited by this.  She was waving her hands around all over the place (clearly ‘The Weaves’ are pretty slippery customers) and I called Allan through to have a look at them.  Imagine our disappointment when we weren’t able to see them.

After that incident ‘The Weaves’ were clearly never far from Helen’s mind.  She mentioned them several times and even talked about taking Sally to see them once we were home.  Sally didn’t show a lot of interest and wasn’t able to shed any further light on exactly what ‘The Weaves’ might be.  When we arrived home on Friday, travel stained and weary after a long journey Helen immediately headed down the garden to commune with her beloved Weaves.  Despite sending my Dad after her yet again we were denied a glimpse of them.

So there you have it.  Helen is clearly having a pretty intense relationship with someone or something at the bottom of our garden and I can’t see them/it.  I really don’t know what to do next.  Are ‘The Weaves’ a suitable thing for a 2.25 yr old to be playing with? Should I ban her from that part of the garden lest they assert a malevolent influence over her?  I’m wondering if we should set some sort of trap drawing inspiration from Winnie the Pooh and his heffalump trap.  I’m considering investing in some night photography equipment as perhaps ‘The Weaves’ are some sort of nocturnal being.

Meanwhile people make ridiculous suggestions such as ‘Maybe she means waves’.  No she does not mean waves.  If she meant waves she would say waves, she lives on a bloody island of course she knows what bloody waves are.  A google search has suggested that Weaves are a from of hair extension so I’m wondering if ‘The Weaves’ could be some sort of boutique mobile hairdresser.  If so I’m really not sure Helen should be getting hair extensions at her age.

Apologies for the lack of photograph with this post obviously I don’t know exactly what we are dealing with yet so any sort of pictorial representation would be misleading.  Should I be able to shed any further light on ‘The Weaves’ I will update immediately.  Meantime I am open to any suggestions………………BUT THEY’RE NOT WAVES O.K?

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3 thoughts on “There’s something at the bottom of the garden…………………

  1. sarannah on said:

    Maybe it’s a Helen name for elves? Grown ups can’t see them.

  2. Stuart on said:

    Hilarious especially the waves or lack of comment!

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