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Croftesses read books too you know


Quick run away or he'll try and lamb you......

I’ll let you into a secret.  Before I became a croftess and started spending all of my days mucking around in the dirt with my hand up sheep’s bottoms I used to spend most of my time semi-reclined reading books.  Yes I am partial to a Mills and Boon but from time to time I like to dip my toe into something a little more highbrow.

Colonsay already has a very successful music festival run by my Dad and his chum Keith.  I love the music festival but sadly it came along at a rather difficult period in my life.  For the last few years I have either been heavily pregnant, the sleep deprived mother of a monster baby or 5 days post partum at the festival.  I must say I was proud of myself last year.  After discharging myself from the midwives and fleeing Edinburgh I took Sally to her first music festival at the tender age of six days.  She slept happily through a number of artists but found Lau rather noisy.  Helen had to be removed from the hall by the mother in law after trying to take to the stage during The Poozies.

Although I’ve done my best i’ve secretly always felt a little bit left out of the music festival.  I don’t play any instruments particularly well and I’ve never had the time (or, lets be honest, the inclination) to put together a decent performance for any of the sessions.  If I’m being really honest – and I seem to be having some sort of purge here – I’ve always been a bit jealous of my little sister who is a fantastic musician and has always really shone at the these events.  Anyway before you pull up a chair at my pity party lets move on……

I’ve always been good at reading though.  I used to pride myself on never leaving a book unfinished until I realised I was wasting my life with some really dire reads.  When I heard from my Dad in his capacity as LDO (that’s local development officer to you uninitiated) that plans for a book festival were afoot I felt really excited.  Partly at the chance to hear some famous authors speaking but also at the opportunity to actually organise something on Colonsay and, for the first time since I was little, feel like I was really part of the island.

I attended my first meeting 37 weeks pregnat – felt very enthusiastic and then dropped off the radar for several months.  By the time I returned to the civilized world of people who can talk about things other than nappies and don’t have sick in their hair the lineup was finalised and it was clear this event was really going to happen.  We even have some top notch authors booked including Alexander MCCall Smith and Liz Lochead.

I’ve found the whole process rather difficult though.  I’m not really a team player so having to take into account the opinions of others has been difficult at times.  Also by merit of being the youngest committee member by some 30 years I was entrusted with online promotion.  It became apparent fairly quickly that whilst I might be able to organise a birthday party using Facebook that is pretty much where my talents both begin and end…….I have a lot to learn.

In spite of my efforts the festival has forged forwards.  Sophie Cooke, Kenneth Steven, James Robertson and Margaret Elphinstone have been added to the lineup.  Members of the public have somehow managed to purchase tickets and the festival gets underway on Saturday.  The mother in law is coming to help tomorrow and my first showbiz task is to meet Liz Lochead off the boat.  I must admit that my excitement is being somewhat overshadowed by wondering if Sally will agree to take a bottle and if I will manage to express enough milk to make one for her ( if not Helen has some delicious tropical fruit flavour yogurt drinks).  I also have a secret fear that despite frantic revision reading sessions I may not be intellectual enough to attend such an event.  Perhaps there will be an IQ test before we are allowed into the hall, if so I may have to sit outside being bitten by midges whilst the intelligenti of Colonsay hobnob indoors.

I’ve just been given an idiots guide to Twitter by one of my fellow organisers media savvy daughter and I’m going to do my best to write a sort of festival mini-blog over the next few days.  If you want to take a look then this link may take you to the Colonsay book Festival Twitter account.  On the other hand it may not, if you have accidentally found your way to a website selling rain covers for off road buggies I sincerely apologise.

In other crofting news Allan lambed two sheep today.  He is so unbearably proud of himself I am beginning to wonder if he may actually have fathered the lambs too.


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10 thoughts on “Croftesses read books too you know

  1. Stuart on said:

    Oh my gosh I love the blog more and more….. As I sit here sweltering in the heat of rio air con on full blast having just micro zapped my chicken Kiev to oblivion….it makes me smile so much reading your blog Morna!! It’s just hilarious and please don’t stop. As for the twitter account I’m not sure I can cross that IT boundary…..I was recently shown how backwards I had become when I asked Carlos to translate from Portuguese to English the word facers….. Of course it means people on Facebook…. I told him quite rightly that we didn’t have that word….

    Good luck with the festival and I will try this twitter twot thingy.

    • Thanks Stuart, I love when I look at the special map of my views and I see a little Brazilian flag come up! Can’t believe you didn’t know what a Facer was, I am totally facing all the time!! I will do my best with the tweeting – I too will be well outside my comfort zone.

  2. Jen McFadyen on said:

    you are a writer worthy of the book festival Morna! your autobiography is well underway -you are just doing it one blog at a time.

  3. Mairi Anne Cormack (nee Fraser) on said:

    Another excellent blog, look forward to next one with anticipation x

  4. As a writer, I very much look forward to hearing how it all went. Give my regards to Liz. x

  5. Believe me I loved your whole family’s performances and I would happily accompany you if I had the chance!

  6. Morna a word in your ear in private! If as you say in your blog you really suspect your husband of fathering those lambs then you must look out for some pretty obvious signs like sheep bite marks on his face caused by his being unwilling to go without the kissing! I’m not saying that he has problems BUT…….Isn’t one of you a Psychiatrist or have a quiet word with the lady Doctor!

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