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Not me – Fat Tracey.  Not only has our top layer produced a double yolked egg this week but she has now taken it upon herself to increase our flock of hens.  Sadly poor Tracey is flogging a dead horse.  Her eggs are distinctly unfertile.


In fact my perusal of the interweb indicates that broodiness is not to be encouraged.  If we don’t stop her she may start plucking out the feathers on her chest, starving herself and, worst of all, doing giant poops.  I have sought advice on the aforementioned interweb and have found a number of solutions.  My favourite include giving her flying lessons (not sure I’m qualified to do this since I can’t fly myself) and putting ice cubes in the nest – harsh. We have settled for shutting her out of the hen house.  However this has made the other hens very cross as it means they have to lay their eggs outside.  If she doesn’t stop brooding and snap out of it we may have to put her in a run by herself.


Poor old Sally lamb is off colour too – she has a runny bum.  We had to phone the vet for advice and sadly this advice involved me jabbing poor old Sally in the bum with some antibiotics.  She took it pretty well though and is still wolfing down milk and happily sleeping in her dog kennel.  We managed to get a drug runner to bring some more antibiotics over on the boat tonight so fingers crossed she’ll recover.


For those of you eagerly awaiting news of Sally lamb’s failed foster mother you will be pleased to hear she is still with us.  She was up on her feet and eating some hay today so fingers crossed she’s on the mend.  Interestingly her lamb continued to feed from her even when the poor sheep was lying at deaths door – every lamb for himself!


We are safely back in our own house this evening after three hours of solid cleaing.  I think the girls are pleased to be home although on being dragged away from my parents  Helen did say ‘No, no, no I want to stay at this house’. I don’t think she really meant it.  Sally didn’t really say anything – just shrieked and filled her nappy.  I think that means she’s enjoying the view out of the new double glazed windows.

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