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Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments left on my blog and on facebook.  I’m sure Max would be delighted with all the attention.

I haven’t had the chance to blog much over the last couple of weeks and strangely writing about Max seems to have ended my writers block.  I suspect that the arrival of Shopbaby (very cute) and the subsequent return of Shopmeister and Mrs Shop may also have contributed to my urge to write.

I am currently sitting in my parents house waiting for Sally to wake up.  Allan’s sister is visiting from Sweden and after much debate we eventually admitted to ourselves that fitting four adults and three children into a three bedroom house wasn’t going to work.  The girls and I have decanted down here for the weekend.  Sadly Sally didn’t think much of being closeted in bathroom last night and spent much of the night in my bed poking me in the face.

Helen has already gone down the field (clad in puddle suit and wellies as of course Colonsay is putting on its best show of torrential rain for our visitors) to meet her new cousin.  She wasn’t that keen initially but soon warmed up at the promise of presents. 

I don’t have any particular topic to blog about today.  I could write another eulogy to Max.  Allan and I are still bursting into tears on a daily basis (my Dad and I had a wee cry this morning too) but I will try and remain positive and instead give a round up of current events on the rock.

  1. Sally lamb continues to thrive.  She did have a rather nasty abscess on her foot which Allan treated with the generic and all curing shot of antibiotic in the bottom.  He also squeezed the puss out which I’m told was very satisfying.  She seems to be under the impression that she is a sheepdog as she followed Allan around the hillside trying to gather the other sheep last week and today accompanied him down the filed in trusty canine style.
  2. I have a new job!!  Having given up the shop (thank God – it’s amazing how quickly a business can be brought to its knees by one persons ineptitude) I have have been appointed as Colonsay’s newest Local Development Officer.  I’m really looking forward to starting despite (or perhaps because!) I will be job sharing with my Dad.  This is probably the first job I’ve ever had where I think I may actually look forward to going to work in the morning.  We’ll see how long this enthusiasm continues.  Watch this space.
  3. As well as the visiting Swedes we are eagerly awaiting a visit from some of our best friends and their new baby.  Sadly the torrential rain is forecast to continue so I hope that they (complete with toddler and new baby) like playing Scrabble.  I am constantly amazed at peoples willingness to visit us and constantlydisappointed that the weather can be scorching hot until the boat comes in but as soon as any friend sets foot on the peir the heavens open.
  4. Sadly I will have to cut short this fascinating litany as Sally-Bee has just woken up and I need to take her down the field to be admired.  My last thought is that this little girl lives not far from us in mainland Argyll.  I know it is wrong to be jealous of a nine year old and I’m sorry that she has to eat that minging food but I’d eat almost anything for six million hits!

P.S apologies again for lack of photo – I will try and post some inspiring images soon.


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3 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Russell on said:

    Say hello to your freinds for me.

  2. Beth Piper on said:

    I wish you sunshine! I’ve been to a Mary’s Meals fundraiser and so I’ve shared Veg’s Blog on my FB page. I’m never sure whether I get this blog through my FB or not, Morna – I did try to share it there but maybe I’ve not succeeded? Wonder how to tell?

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