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Life after dog

To anyone who struggles to adjust after losing their beloved canine I have the perfect solution.  Get a pet sheep.  Sally lamb is doing her very best to fill the void.  She follows us everywhere bleating incessantly, she even made it into the kitchen yesterday.  She eats large quantities of very expensive food, craps outside the garden gate and knocks over my children.  Last week she followed our car all the way to the bottom of the field almost as if she wanted to come to the beach with us.  All she needs to do is learn to chase other sheep and a stick and she is the perfect Max replacement.

Sally lamb – photo credit goes to my lovely sister in law.


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One thought on “Life after dog

  1. Beth Piper on said:

    That is exactly what I thought as I saw her picture on FB. Ebony to Ivory! Bit of a challenge having a pet with the same name as one of your children, of course, but a bit like me and Muffin – the pet chose you! Enjoy! Hope she doesn’t have to be re-homed if you can’t train her not to knock over your children though (sibling rivalry – survival of the fittest?)

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