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Winter is coming…………

………..not fast enough for my liking though. I’ve had enough of summer.

Now before I start this extremely controversial blog I would like to assure all of the friends who have visited us this summer that I have enjoyed seeing each and every one of you. I’m delighted that people have come to visit and I know it will be a long lonely winter but…….

I’m so tired! I’m tired of sleeping in the loft on a sagging airbed which deposits me on the floor whenever Allan gets off it. I’m tired of living out of a washing basket in the utility room like some sort of hobo because other people are sleeping in my bed. I’m tired of missing episodes of my favourite zombie drama because I’m politely socialising with friends. I’m tired of not being able to update my blog because it seems rude to be on the computer in the evenings. I’m tired of our kitchen table being permanently extended causing the kitchen to be tiny. I’m tired of having an audience for Helen’s potty training. Yes I have some issues with cleanliness. No I don’t like it when she has her bare bottom on the sofa or when she poops on the doorstop and Yes I would prefer not to have witnesses to my discomfort. I’m tired of conversation – I’ve been ‘reading’ my book for three weeks now and I’m less than halfway through it – this is a unprecidented situation. I’m tired of drinking too much and staying up too late because I feel like I’m on holiday too even though this is actually just my life and I have to get up and go to work. I’m tired of eating meat. I long for the days when we can go back to eating pasta with vegetable slop every night.

Furthermore I am not just tired of my own visitors, I tired of everyone else’s too. I’m longing for the days when I can take the girls out in the buggy and get all the way to the beach without having to stop fourteen times to let cars come past. I’m tired of cyclists who don’t get off the road to let me drive past them. I’m tired of people who can’t reverse their enormous four by fours into passing places. I’m tired of people asking me my life history when I’m in the service point trying to work. I’m tired of having to que in the shop when I want the place all to myself for a good gossip.

It’s pouring with rain and blowing a howling gale it might as well be winter.

I know I know I don’t deserve all of my lovely friends. Bah Humbug!



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3 thoughts on “Winter is coming…………

  1. I hope you can revel in the solitude of having no guests and waving toodleoo to the season’s tourists soon. Quite frankly, I don’t blame you, sometimes you just want to get on with your life quietly and on your own terms.

  2. Hi Morna,

    Sorry it’s been a while but I guess you heard urgent business in the greek isles to attend too. I loved this blog……you nay find this hard to believe but as your visitor season whines to a close mine gears up….and I totally understand that when you hav visitors it’s like a kind of enforced holiday mood and plan if put upon you…

    I love having visitors but it’s also nice to be back to normal.

    Great blog


    • VERY VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION ! NO TO ALL VISITORS ! Unless they rent somewhere else and visit for a maximum of one hour…and I mean ONE hour !

      Wear a large badge saying ‘ I belong to an order of silent nuns and cannot answer your intrusive questions so sod off! ‘ ( Explaining away the presence of children might be awkward ! )

      Refuse to cook and insist that friends treat you to a meal in the hotel twice a day.

      Leave the Island as there’s no real solution!

      Your Dad had it pretty well worked out when he worked the shop.

      You only have to hear ” What’s this the third degree ? ” once to know that further questions are NOT welcome!

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