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My name is Morna Piper, although some of my bank cards may still say Morna MacNeill.  I’m a 31-year-old mother of two (please don’t steal my identity, you really wouldn’t want it) and I have recently given up my career as a pathologist to move the island of Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides.

My blog describes my husband Allan’s and my own exploits on our croft on Colonsay with the odd mention of our lovely children and less lovely dog along the way.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Croftess, my wife found your blog and kept calling me through to read it to me. And now that I have become one of your followers she won’t have to call me through again! Colonsay gets the odd mention in#sallyofforestgate on especially “POOR ME!” about 20 I think! I hope you enjoy it and my ref to your dad in my profile ( if only he would read his “my space” messages! ) .Oddly we both HAD the same number of followers, 13 before I increased yours! Kind Regards and good luck to you and your family, David Nash

    • Ha ha, I’ve not found the reference to my Dad yet but I did laugh out loud at the bat story. I shall think of it every time I drive past the Glebe. My Dad now has blog envy and keeps saying he must get back on my space – I’ll encourage him to check his messages. He’s hard to sway though so messaging via the ceol facebook page may yield better results!

      • Sorry if this is a repeated reply but I am so new to all this. Anyway. thanks for replying. There are a few Colonsay stories so far ” POOR ME” and “PAMPLONA BULL RUN”. The reference to your Dad is actually in my profile about my favourite things I think. I was at the first Music Festival and have taken up playing and singing because of you and your family, Karine Polwart, Anna Massey,Keir, Breabach,Kare and now Lau! But all credit to your Dad! He was the STAR! I’ll check him out on Ceol. David.

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